Meet the Board

SEI Board Members are elected on an annual basis in the beginning of fall (September/October). All SEI members are encouraged to write their name in to be on the ballot. There are no specific requirements to entering the ballot other than having a membership. Additional information (including board member position descriptions) can be found in the SEI Maryland Bylaws

If you would like to contact a specific board member, please email us at and address the email to whom you wish to speak with. We are always looking for ideas and other feedback to make SEI Maryland a successful National local chapter.

PRESIDENT - Rod Meyers, P.E.

Rod Meyers is a registered professional engineer with education and experience in the development, production and quality control of portland cement concrete mixtures for building, infrastructure and residential construction. His experience extends to cast-in-place and pre-cast elements. He presently works for Schuster Concrete, assisting specifiers and engineers in the development of project specifications and other documents, and follows through with the construction of the project to assure the end-result meets the requirements of all stakeholders.

Rod graduated from University of Maryland, College Park and has served as the president of the Maryland chapter of the American Concrete Institute.

VICE PRESIDENT – Dr. Jason Charalambides, P.E., R.A.

Dr. Charalambides is a registered architect, civil engineer, and sustainability professional ENV_SP in Europe and in the US. He established Avant-Garde Engineering as a consulting firm and he engages in project design and research. He served as faculty for more than two decades, teaching courses in Steel Design, Reinforced Concrete Design, Masonry, and Architectural Design Studio. Jason possesses a Master of Architecture and a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, where he taught structural design for a number of years. The subject of his doctorate dissertation was on the design automation for Tensegrity structures. Jason is involved in a number of professional organizations, including ASCE, SEI, ISI, and AIA, and has experience as part of the SEI-MD board in the past. He serves on the ASCE/SEI 7-22 code committee and is an associate editor for the ASCE Journal of Architectural Engineering.

TREASURERSteve Baden, P.E.

Steve is a licensed structural engineer with over 15 years of experience in design, consulting, sales engineering and technical support. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and and an M.S.C.E. from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Steve currently works as a financial planner, specializing in civil/structural engineers and engineering businesses.

SECRETARY – Isaiah Sampson, P.E.

Isaiah is a structural engineer at Moffatt & Nichol with a Maryland PE license and 5 years of experience in the design of marine structures, including public and private marine terminals, in-water foundations for transmission structures, and vessel collision protection structures. Isaiah holds a M.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He has been involved with SEI-MD since 2017.


Dr. Ceary is the Director of Structural Engineering and Associate with Brudis & Associates Inc. (BAI). He possesses over 20 years of structural engineering experience with a focus on structural engineering design, analysis and inspection of various types of structures. He specializes in the design, rehabilitation, condition inspection, and load ratings of steel and concrete highway bridges for grade separations and stream crossings; alternative bridge studies and bridge widening projects. He currently holds Professional Engineering Licenses from the states of MD, DE, VA, and the District of Columbia. He has a Ph.D. and M.S. degree in Structural Engineering from University of Maryland, where his dissertation focused on the Characterization of Delayed Ettringite Formation in Maryland Bridges.

Committee Leaders:

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