We bring 30 years of experience to your most challenging commercial, residential and industrial projects — plus cutting-edge equipment and techniques that lead to innovative and cost-effective recommendations that you won’t find anywhere else. We have advanced capabilities in geotechnical and geostructural engineering, environmental consulting, specialty construction, construction materials engineering and testing, and third-party inspections. For more information on our services, please visit the link provided here: Services | Hillis-Carnes (hcea.com)


Since COVID-19, we have adapted our meetings and now host at least one virtual meeting a month. This change has increased participation (30-40 participants), but no longer provides an opportunity to allow our sponsors face time with our members at events. As part of SEI-MD’s mission, we believe providing a method of conveying this information to our members is important and now offer sponsorship for a lunch and learn type webinar. The sponsorship includes:

  • One hour for you to provide a lunch and learn webinar highlighting your product or services

  • Corporate advertising (logo) on all media outlets; website, flyers, email announcements for (1) year

  • Monthly "blurb" in SEI-MD's email announcements to promote a particular product, service, or successful application

The cost for this sponsorship is $250.

If you are interested in sponsoring SEI-MD, please sponsor us here.